Eminem Will 'Keep Tearing Down' Machine Gun Kelly If He Brings Up His Daughter

Eminem Will 'Keep Tearing Down' Machine Gun Kelly If He Brings Up His Daughter

September 16, 2018 0 By admin

Eminem is furious that Machine Gun Kelly once commented on his daughter Hailie’s looks and he’s ready to make their wild feud even more intense if it continues.

Eminem, 45, and Machine Gun Kelly, 28, have been making major headlines with their nasty feud and Em’s ready to take it even further if he has to, especially when it comes to his daughter, Hailie, 22. Although MGK hasn’t dissed the rapper’s daughter, it seems Em’s preparing for anything and isn’t afraid to take action if things get out of hand. “Eminem will keep tearing down Machine Gun Kelly until he feels he’s learned his lesson, and Kelly can try and hit back all he wants, but he’s never going to be able to even land a jab,” a source close to Eminem EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Eminem thrives on lyrical battles, and he’s destroyed much more worthy adversaries than Kelly in the past, it’s all about respect, and as far as Eminem is concerned, Kelly needs to learn that, STAT. You don’t fan girl over Eminem for years, and claim to be his successor, and then expect he’s going to take that laying down, and one things for sure, if you then add Em’s daughter in to the mix, he will come at you, and you better be ready for the ass whopping he’s going to give you.”

MGK once called a then 16-year-old Hailie “hot as f*ck” in a tweet back in 2012, and although it’s not the main factor in their feud, Em knows about it and thinks it’s “disrespectful.” As any Eminem fan knows, his daughter is one of the most important people in his life and as a father, it seems like he’ll do just about anything to protect her.

Despite Em’s feelings, it doesn’t seem like MGK is stepping down from the feud anytime soon. He recently called Em’s diss track “Killshot” trash when he tweeted some comments to his Twitter account on Sept. 14. It will be interesting to see where things go from here but we hope these two can somehow work things out soon!

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