Tiger Woods's Sunday entrance at the PGA Championship put the Internet in a frenzy

Tiger Woods's Sunday entrance at the PGA Championship put the Internet in a frenzy

August 12, 2018 0 By admin

Tiger Woods still knows how to make an entrance: the 14-time major winner showed up at Bellerive for the final round of the PGA Championship wearing his classic Sunday red and black, but the sunglasses and backwards cap sent Twitter buzzing.

Of course, his hoards of fans loved it, predicting that the look meant he was ready to truly contend on Sunday.

Woods sits T6 on the leaderboard, four shots behind leader Brooks Koepka.

Name a cooler human on the face of this planet. Impossible.

Tiger Woods, ladies and gentlemen.#PGAChamp pic.twitter.com/q937BTP7pR

— Cam Rogers (@MrRogers99) August 12, 2018

Tiger Woods has won his 15th Major pic.twitter.com/9e78V4ytrU

— Belly Up Betting (@BellyUpBetting) August 12, 2018

Tiger Woods has arrived for his final round at the USPGA looking like this…

Round of 59 incoming. pic.twitter.com/uUSCQMJ6Wh

IT IS ONNNNN. Coming to win a PGA Championship and to steal your girl. #TigerWoods #PGAChampionship pic.twitter.com/SO2qEqUwUQ

— Will Smith. (@____willsmith) August 12, 2018

@TigerWoods really just showed up in contention on Sunday at the #PGAChampionship looking like this.. The rest of the field should just withdraw. pic.twitter.com/qfvVeZLs4a

— Jason O’Rear (@JasonORear) August 12, 2018

Ok now who’s finishing 2nd? #PGAChampionship @PGAChampionship @TigerWoods pic.twitter.com/R1GIKCgeVR

— Ryan Frank (@IamRyanFrank) August 12, 2018

— Coral (@Coral) August 12, 2018

Twitter just went crazy over Tiger Woods arrival, imagine what it will be like if he wins #15 🤣

— Tiger Woods News + Updates (@Tiger_Updates15) August 12, 2018

Tiger Woods showed up ready to win the #PGAChampionship & steal your girl at the same time. 😂#TigerWoods #PGAChampionship2018 #Golf #PGA #PGAChamp #PGATour
(via Instagram/A2DGolf) pic.twitter.com/GlPY320C4y

— A2D Radio (@a2dradio_com) August 12, 2018

Tiger Woods showing up on Sunday to the #PGAChampionship pic.twitter.com/7lljXQhepE

— Mac Ko (@Polish_Hammer_1) August 12, 2018

Yep, betting the house on the 🐐 after this entrance. #TigerWoods pic.twitter.com/EtPCwz1UuD

— Daniel Klein (@_DanielK8) August 12, 2018

The big cat is feeling it. 🐅#TigerWoods #PGAChampionship2018 https://t.co/ekFPgP3FIi

— David Troise (@DT12JR) August 12, 2018

IT’S COMING HOME @TigerWoods pic.twitter.com/rzOjLUqF3h

— Sean P. Moscynski (@Moscynski) August 12, 2018

Tiger Woods: Ready pic.twitter.com/ZO1y5lShrK

— John (@Friar_Faithful) August 12, 2018

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